Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Big Old Ukes

Because big ukes need love, too, here's a site entirely devoted to baritone ukuleles:
"But why the baritone? I love tenors too. I love them all. But the bari is the uke of the American Dreams era. Godfrey. Boone. Kingston Trio. Vega. Favilla. The 50's. They deserved their own website! I also like monkeying with the strings and tunings. Especially baris like the smaller Vegas can be strung with a high D or even Aquila's C tuning strings and you get a "fifth uke", in between the tenor and bari. (And of course, the frets are bigger)."
Big Old Ukes also has a number of baris "up for adoption" in what is about the best presentation and evaluation of used uke conditions I've seen. Heck, they even name them! Link

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