Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pumping Koa?

Apparently, a performance art piece using bodybuilders to play the instruments while working out. If you speak French, perhaps you'll tell me what this is all about. Weird. Link

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For what it's worth, here's an English translation of the French text on that page:
One hour of entrain├«nement Peter Sinclair, Jean-Claude Gagnieux The idea of this spectacle was born from the felted din of the rooms of musculation and the visual impact of the bodies engaged in the walk of the machines. These considerations determined the design of new visual apparatuses and sonores.L' muscular energy of the actors animates these machines which play visually and musicalement an unceasingly renewed partition. The figure muscular of the men carving their body and the deployment of their energy are actors of an action which has of another goal only to sensitize the public with the sentimental power generated by the secular relation of the muscle and the connecting rod assembly. "Five body-builders, whose champion of the world, agreed to play a concert of sounds incredible and rythm├ęs, on instruments quite as unimaginable (trumpets and other tambourines in madness), by actuating as many bellows and oars that it is necessary to reveal the beauty of their sculptural musculature. While their guarantor on the same air, the sportsmen perched on bicycles or tie of the weights, show with pride the aesthetic aiming of activities commonly considered as leisures without philosophy.... Music, circus and art, one suspects it, are the Masters words of one evening where one never wonders if art is popular or not "According to Lise Ott extracts from the catalogue the love of art, Biennale of Lyon 1991

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