Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Giant Ukulele!

Holy Kamaka!

Ukulelia pal Jim Bradbury pointed us to these photos of a giant ukulele arriving for the First International Ukulele Ceilidh ("Kay-Lee", rhymes with "Ooo-Koo-Lay-Lee") back in October of 2005. According to the site, this bad boy was made in 1976 for a parade honoring HRH Queen Elizabeth II. What I don't know is what building is shown in the pix, nor if the giant is still in residence. Anyone know? Drop me a line...

Oh, and a word of caution to the folks in Nova Scotia: don't let the guys in Santa Cruz talk you into hauling it out to their annual "Burning Uke" weekend. Let's just say it would be like playing with matches... Link (Thanks, Jim!)


Anonymous said...

This is a comment about the giant uke in your Dec 05 entry! The uke has a lovely history - read all about it on - and it has just been nominated to be a 7 wonder of the south shore of Nova Scotia - go to and click the link 7 wonders - to place your vote and see a vid including the giant uke.
The buildingin the photo you have is The Mersey House Hotel in Liverpool Nova Scotia where the uke stood for the 2005 ceilidh. Not sure where it will stand for the 2007 ceilidh this October. Hope that helps. sue

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