Friday, December 16, 2005

Paul Kraus: Surfer, Uker, Filmmaker!

Northern California Coast surfboard shaper Paul Kraus also makes ukuleles. Not only that, he's also a documentary filmmaker, and recently released "The Jumping Flea, Tales of the Modern Ukulele."
"Paul Kraus, filmmaker and ukulele builder, takes us behind the scenes to meet some of the most influential ukulele builders and players today! The music comes through loud and clear, with Jumpin’ Jim Beloff guiding us through the different eras of the ukulele’s popularity. An exceptional documentary film, featuring the music of Lyle Ritz, Jim Beloff, Bill Tapia, Bryan Tolentino, Michelle Kiba, and a host of others."
The video is available from Lark in the Morning or from North Pacific Productions. Link

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