Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kahiko Ukuleles: The Concert Flyer

Dear Santa,

If you can't slip a Martin 5K in my stocking this year, perhaps you can grab one of these babies made by elf/luthier Ken Potts in conjunction with elf/grand-uke-panjundrum Chuck Fayne.

"The reproduction of the ORIGINAL HAWAIIAN UKULELE SOUND seems to have been very elusive. Many have tried and some have come close. Close examination of the works of the early makers; Diaz, Santos, Nunes, Mossman, Sam Chang, the Summers Brothers and many other named and unnamed instruments finally revealed their secrets. Knowing the secrets and translating that knowledge to reproduction was not an easy process. However, through trial and error, Ken Potts has done it. We at KAHIKO VINTAGE REPRODUCTIONS are proud to announce the sound we have all been waiting for-- THE CONCERT FLYER--the player's lifetime companion. This instrument continues where others leave off. The CONCERT FLYER has the sound and look of the past with the improvements of the present. We would like to thank all those whose experimentations have made our job easier. WE uncovered the mine; they helped dig the tunnels."
I've been very good this year. Link

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