Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Brights Spots From the Dark Side of the Uke

Mike Schmitt sez:

Thanks for posting our show info a couple of weeks ago on

We did the Dark Side of the Uke show on Sat and it was fantastic! One of the biggest crowds in the Knockout Club's brief history came out to see the show...

I posted some pics from the show on Flickr...

They're a bit murky because of the fog machine we had going.

We also have a few vids on YouTube. Pic is dark and sound ain't so hot from the camcorder - but hopefully you get a rough idea.

Go to our YouTube profile page here and there are 4 vids posted from the Tatamimats.

We're already planning another performance in a few months.....It was so much fun we definitely plan on doing it again.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm still holding out for an all-uke version of Nilsson Schmilsson.

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