Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lunch with Robert...and Turturro's Peanut

Once again Ukulele Consciousness founder Robert Wheeler braved the twisting streets of Ukuleletown in his smart noir VW convertible to show up at my doorstep for ukuleles, beer and lunch. (in that order)

This time Robert brought with him a sampling of ukuleles named after, built by and distributed by some murky denizens of late twenties (or so) Chicago (or thereabouts). The first ukulele was named after someone mentioned recently on this blog; Bobby Henshaw. A charming player with a smooth, flat neck (like Bobby) and a spruce top. What was the rest of the uke made of? Hell if I know.

Then Robert brought out the prizes: a Bruno soprano with a bound fretboard and the famous Turturro “peanut” soprano. Both were remarkably similar in style, wood and appointments. Dare I say they were made in the same factory? They both sounded great, but the Peanut had an amazing tone. (in spite of the ugly design!)

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TonyB. said...

Hi Craig,
I am lucky enough to own one of the Turturro Sopranos and I love it! The tone is warm and its a joy to play.
I feel they are one of the most well kept secrets among Vintage uke collectors.
Although I have not intention of selling the Turturro I had it valued by Musurgia i N.Y. and they offered me in excess of $500. for it.
I would reccomd them to anyone!
Tony Boland

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