Monday, November 06, 2006

Floggin' Another Blog

So I relaxin’ in my music room, listenin’ to Cliffie do “Paper Moon” and the phone rings. I snatch the receiver off the hook and, lo and behold, it’s Perry White callin’ me from Gotham. “Guess what, noirboy?” He barks in my ear. “We got our very own ukulele band in the city and it’s called the New York Ukulele Ensemble! Howdya like them apples? HUH?” Before I can slip a word in edgewise he yells; “Uke Jackson, Alan Drogin,
Gio Gaynor, Heather Lev, Tomoko Moroishi and Tim Ackerman on percussion! They gotta website and a blog and all that.” He pauses dramatically,”Now, that’s a story, right?”
I yawn. Tip the brim of my hat down over my eyes and turn up Cliffie. “Yah, maybe I’ll check it out….”

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