Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Hot New Ukulele

Well…this reporter ain’t gonna be no company’s shill, but…the talk of Ukuleletown these days is a Koahola ukulele called the Pineapple Sunday.

Evvvvvvvvreybody wants one. (kinda)

With it’s small body and tenor neck, it is a joy to play. For a production ukulele company, Koahola kicks butt in the marketplace, thanks partly to their aggressive marketing stance.
Here’s some of the blah on the P.S.:“ The Pineapple Sunday, the newest creation from Alvin "Papa KoAloha" Okami. The Pineapple Sunday has a unique body shape, which was modeled after a real pineapple. It also has the unique cross-hatch embossed design, pioneered by Alvin.This model is now being used by Gordon Mark and Victoria Vox.”

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