Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome Craig Robertson!

Mark and I would like to welcome Craig Roberston to the Ukulelia editorial staff.

If you're a regular Ukulelia reader, you know that we sometimes go through some editorial dry spells. Some (4?!) years ago when Mark invited me to join him in this labor of love, the dry spells were mostly caused by a lack of interesting new stuff to blog about. Heck, I even helped create a "serendipitous search engine" in a desperate attempt to find new stuff.

Today, there's no dearth of ukulele news. The uke is hot. More and more players every day. More luthiers. More recordings. More concerts.

What Mark and I lack most of today is time. Mark still holds down the fort on our big sister site, BoingBoing, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of MAKE Magazine. I have a swell day job, too.

Anyway, Mark and I have discussed adding a third editor to Ukulelia, and we thought that it would be most valuable to add someone who complements us, rather than duplicates us. We both live on the Left Coast, so we thought we should add someone from back east. Neither of us are active performers, so it would be nice to have someone who actively participates in the performance world.

It didn't take us long to think about Craig. We've blogged every one of his "Ukulele Noir" shows that we caught word of in time. And we know that since he's a designer and speaks geek, that he could help us keep the blog rolling.

So here's a little about Craig (but it's not a bio, since Craig sez he hates bios).

Ukulele-wise, Craig started doing Ukulele Noirs two years ago in Boston to showcase the darker side of the ukulele. As opposed to the side where you're at a luau on the beach. He doesn't do beaches well. Or sunlight. Or pigs. Quoth Mr. Robertson:

"I've been a musician all my life. Which is longer than your life and immensely more complicated. Did I mention that I live in Boston? Well I do. Boston doesn't rock, it plinks and plunks. There are a great many fantastic ukulele players in the area and some of the best instrument collections in the world.

I like fedoras. I have more fedoras than ukuleles. I liked ukuleles initially because they went well with my fedoras. No, don't say that, it sounds frivolous. Cliff Edwards collected hats also. I don't know what size he wore..."
Welcome, Craig! (Nice hat, btw.)

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