Thursday, December 06, 2007

humdinger of a ukulele

This just in…a new luthier from lovely Central Jersey, Dan Flannery, is building some killer ukuleles, his company is called Ukululu. Check out his six and eight string tenors…
About this lovely hummingbird-themed 6-string from his site:
“This is a 6 string tenor built around a hummingbird theme. We at UkuLuLu try to carry the design through the whole instrument: the soundhole, the head shape, the inlay, the fingerboard, the bridge, and even the choice of wood. In this one, the head is shaped like a hummingbird tail, the end of the fingerboard is like the end a wingtip, and the bridge is a pair of wings.
The six strings are really good for fingerpicking. It's still a ukulele, but it's got more bass to it than a 4 string uke”
And Dan Flannery says: "The sound holes and inlays are hand cut by the way. You can’t do custom work with a laser because it would be way too expensive. In fact everything is done pretty much by hand, though I do use a table saw for some of the straight cuts."

And there’s sound samples!


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