Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Maple Shield

This new beauty on the Pohaku website. A rope-bound koa concert with a maple “shield” and peghed tuners. For those of you who haven’t got a ukulele with pegheds…they are well worth the investment. A 4:1 ratio and lovely stability makes them tremendous on stage. They look great and I recommend them highly for a new instrument. They do, however, need an expert to install them.

Peter Hurney says of this particuar ukulele: “This is a curly koa concert size ukulele with rope binding and soundhole rosette. The koa comes from a tree on Oahu’s Roundtop neighborhood, above Honolulu city. I inlaid a Queensland Maple shield on the lower edge of the soundboard and used the same wood to make the fret position markers which are inlaid into the East Indian Rosewood fingerboard. A genuine Honduran Mahogany neck completes the list of woods. As usual, the back is well arched and the instrument is meticulously finished in a smooth glossy lacquer “


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