Friday, December 07, 2007

Kiwi Uker Wins Songwriting Competition

Congrats to Jane Fisher, a member of the four-women ukulele band The Nancies, who recently won the Australasian Performing Right Association's "Uke Can Do It" songwriting competition for her song "Dreamin'". Link to News Article
Link to mp3 of The Nancies performing "Dreamin'"


KATHBEE said...

Hey Gary! Nice to hear from you on our blog! What a cool blog this is - short and sweet and to the point - I like it!! Didn't know one could know so much about the ukulele and associated topics!! Where are you based and how did you find out about Jane's win?

Look forward to more comments =)

Gary said...

I'm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. As for how I found out about Jane's win, let's just say I have a knack for sleuthing out what's cool. You gals remind me of The Chenille Sisters out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ever hear them? If they played uke, they'd be as cool as you four!

Would Jane consider posting her chords to accompany the lyrics on your blog?



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