Monday, December 10, 2007

KoAloha Scepter

The Scepter is the latest in the Signature line from KoAloha. If you know Japanese, let us know what this site has to say about it! Looks kinda Goth. Link


Mark Occhionero said...

for nearly understandable translation.

price is $1000 US with a 50 Tax. Standard price is about $1110 US

ebrush said...

I was able to purchase one on eBay from an on-line seller in Hawaii for $699. That included case, 2 music books, tuner and additional goodies. That price also included tax and shipping.

The instrument is amazing! Besides the unique shape, it has an beautiful bright tone. Workmanship is excellent as you would expect from KoAloha. Fretting is true and clear all the way up the board. Very comfortable to play. Really and truly a fine instrument. It gives my Kamaka Tenor a run for its money.

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