Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Another Dance on Your Grave

Here's a bit of news that ought to appeal to lovers of both the "Zombie" and "Ukulele" memes over on Boing Boing. It's Another Dance on Your Grave, a banjo uke plus players who have passed on performance piece. (Notice how the alliteration echoes the plangency of the banjolele...)
"The Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs, both led by artistic director Lea Anderson, are performing Dancing On Your Grave, which proved a big success at 2008's Edinburgh Fringe and a host of pop festivals.

The companies are known for their pioneering work in non- theatrical spaces and venues.

Three dancers (one Featherstonehaugh and two Cholmondeleys) join musicians and composers Steve Blake and Nigel Burch onstage as a five-piece music hall troupe - The Corpse de Ballet. (ouch!, -ed.)

They are desperately downtrodden and travelling on a seemingly never-ending purgatorial tour. This all-singing all-dancing music hall experience features music written and performed onstage by composer Blake and ukulele bashing minstrel Burch of the Flea Pit Orchestra, in a style described as 'Tim Burton meets George Formby'." (nice!)
"Toe tapping epitaphs, spectral harmonies, and bone rattling banjoleles." Here's a free taste entitled Holiday from Death.


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