Friday, April 10, 2009

The Johnny Starlings

I've been thinking the Great Depression a lot these days. Which made me think of my cousin, Allen Peare. While most of my family grew up in Ohio, Allen's dad lit out for California, and Allen grew up in the Central Valley and, later, San Francisco. During the Great Depression, Allen joined the Civilian Conservation Corps and was stationed in Morro Bay, where the CCC built a State Park.

So here my mind is wandering around Morro Bay when an email from Jody Mulgrew floats in. Jody is the leader of a local Morro Bay group called The Johnny Starlings. Their music has echos of that earlier Depression era, much of it featuring Jody on uke. Lovely stuff, and, perhaps, just the music that this Depression is searching for.

The Johnny Starlings mostly play close to home, but they do tour a bit and have at least two CDs out (Be My Baby Bright, Aiming Too High), so put them on your radar screen.

Of note, they'll be doing a special show at the Clark Center in Arroyo Grande on Friday, June 12, and at the San Francisco Free Folk Fest on June 13.

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