Sunday, April 19, 2009

NoCal Uke Fest Next Weekend!

Don't forget that next Sunday, April 26 is the Northern California Ukulele Festival in Hayward.

Sad to say, I have to miss it this year. I'll be touring colleges in SoCal with my oldest daughter instead. I'll particularly miss hanging out at the Uke Fest and jamming with Dodge's Sundodgers who usually hold court in the, er, courtyard. To make up for it, I'll be sure to subject her to plenty of ukulele music during our drive. Especially the Sundodgers's new CD, Under the Sun. (Which, if you haven't ordered your copy already, you really must!).


Anonymous said...

It was a ton o' fun! This was the most crowded festival so far, but that was really a good thing.

Gary said...

Wow. Nice to hear that it was so well attended! Now if they'd only add a second stage...

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