Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zimnicki Ukuleles

Finally, a uke luthier with a name that sounds like one of my childhood chums back in Michigan. Behold Zimnicki ukuleles! Gary Zimnicki has been making guitars (and such) for over 25 years. Elderly currently has two of his ukes, a lucious 5K-style Deluxe Koa Soprano and bit less fancy, but pretty, 2K-style Koa Soprano.

Brian Hefferan (who gets to try all the ukes out at Elderly, damn him) sez "both ukes have a big, powerfull-but-still-pretty tone.


Gerald Ross said...

Hey Gary... Gary Zimnicki the uke builder is from SE Michigan. He is now venturing into the uke world while still building beautiful arch-top guitars.

Gary said...

Noticed that, Gerald! Gary sez he grew up in Dearborn, too, so we're homeboys. So if Zimnicki owns SE Michigan and Talsma owns Central Michigan, where is the line of demarcation? US 69? Hate to see a turf battle. All that senseless waste of koa and fret wire...

Gerald Ross said...

The blueberry farmers own SW lower Michigan. The cherry growers have NW lower Michigan. And the pasty bakers - the UP.

Gerald Ross said...

Sorry, wrote my comment just before lunch.

Gary said...

Eh? As in Da UP, Eh?

Jaun Meatball said...

Don't be pickin' on Tiny Tim...
He may be gone but I'd bet my false teeth that he had a larger repertoir of songs that he could just break out playing, than any living "popular" musician. When we lost Tiny Tim, we lost alot of music history.

Juan Meatball said...

Sorry!!.. Wrong comments link... carry on.

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Unknown said...
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