Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Up. With Ukes?

How Bowers was watching some previews of Pixar's next feature, "Up," and spotted a ukulele on the mantlepiece in the home of the lead character, Carl Fredricksen. How graciously grabbed a screen shot for us.

Sez How: "No way to know yet if he plays on-screen, but it's interesting to see the instrument show up. I know that Pixar's Ricky Nierva is a big fan of the uke -- I wonder if that's the connection."

It's an unusual shape, but I seem to recall seeing it before. Anyone?

(Thanks, How!)


MIchael John Simmons said...

That shape does look familiar. This is close but it's not quite it. I'll keep looking. http://tinyurl.com/dyb8ec

Bertrand said...

The body shape looks a bit like a Puerto Rican Cuatro, but with only four strings.

themodelmaker said...

Great shot, do you have more photos of interiors? I built the model of the house and I would like to know what is the internal layout.

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